Meet The Founders - Shreya & Avisha

Amer New York was created by two sisters based out of New York. Growing up, Shreya & Avisha were always gifted gold and diamond jewelry that had been passed down from earlier generations.

Shreya went to LIM College in New York and studied fashion merchandising. Throughout college she interned with multiple stylists, at showrooms around the city and had a few retail jobs. After college, she joined the family clothing business. After 5 years of working with her family, she decided during the pandemic that she wanted to start something new. 

Avisha went to Drexel University in Philadelphia and studied interior design. After college, she started working as a freelance stylist and production assistant. After styling for 12 years for brands like Nautica, Target, Victoria's Secret & Saks Fifth Avenue, she was ready for a new career step. 

During Covid, they decided that they wanted to start something of their very own, different from their family's clothing company. They agreed that they had a similar love for jewelry but noticed that they loved shopping from a variety of brands. At peak Covid times, they came together and start brainstorming on the types of pieces they would want to make, did research on sourcing stones, found a casting house to make all the fine jewelry pieces and basically put the company together from their living room. The main struggle at the time was that businesses were closing down, and they were not able to go meet new people and see samples. 

2 years later, what started as a passion project in hopes of creating unique pieces for themselves, ended up turning into a brand that strives to bring meaning & value to the way people accessorize. The brand was created to design jewelry that people will want to wear every day and eventually pass down to their future generations.