What Is A Hollow Gold Chain?

Gold jewelry comes in plenty of different forms from necklaces, earrings, bracelets, anklets and more. Chains are the most used out of all of these and are available in so many styles and shapes. They can very in length, thickness and design, can be adjustable and you can even add pendents or lockets. Choosing the right chain is all about your own personal taste, what suits your lifestyle and what your budget is like for your new piece of jewelry. 

What's the Main Difference?

The main difference between a hollow chain and a solid chain is the weight of the gold which directly impacts the price of the piece. Hollow chains are hollow inside and have more space inside whereas solid chains are solid gold inside. They have more weight and you can tell because they have a denseness to them. If melted down, solid chains would be more valuable because of the overall gold weight.

Thicker, bolder chain styles such as cuban links and rope chains are more commonly made hollow in order to keep the weight and the price of the chain low.    Although these types of chains are still made in solid gold, the hollow gold chains are a fan favorite due to the wearability of them because of how lightweight they are. Although both options are great for everyday wear, there's always a slight chance that a hollow chain may have damage over a solid chain

Typically, thinner and daintier chains, such as the ones we use on our necklaces, are solid gold in order to keep them durable for everyday wear.

Styling Tips:

When styling multiple chains, the key to a bolder and different look is to layer a few together at various lengths and to change it up maybe add in a pendent or locket. For a more uniform look, layer similar types of chains at different lengths.

Do They Look The Same?

Hollow and solid gold jewelry are made from the same material. That being said,  you wouldn't be able to tell if a piece of jewelry is solid or hollow gold at first glance. If you’re looking at two chains or bracelets of the same quality of metal, you will not be able to notice which is solid and which is hollow. 


Different Types of Chains

Solid Figaro Chains are cable chains that are made by attaching two or three small round shaped links with a long, oval-shaped link. 

Mariner Chains is a type of chain which has oval shaped links along with a bar in the middle. The bar connects the two sides of the links.

Franco chains are inspired by Cuban Link Chains and are more sturdy due to their V shaped design

Rope Chains come in both hollow and solid designs. The links of a rope chain are twisted like a rope.

At Amer New York:

All Amer New York chains are solid gold but most can be made hollow upon request. If you are interested in knowing if a chain you like can be made hollow, email us at shop@amernewyork.com!